Tarkov Beginners Guide on How to Start Playing EFT In 2023

Escape from Tarkov, or EFT, has emerged as one of the most addicting and hardcore shooters. This game is set in a highly demanding world that is full of players who look for loot and kills. When players choose to play EFT, they can play as a Private Military Company (PMC) soldier for the USEC or BEAR factions. In this condition, they will require to avoid other players. Again, they can play as other Tarkov residents, too, called Scavs. However, players need to be mindful that playing this game can turn out to be a nerve-breaking or frightening experience, particularly when they are new and inexperienced players. 

While playing, if players get killed in a raid, they will end up losing all the gear they come in with. Players can become successful if they get sufficient ammo or are in the ideal place at an ideal time. Most often, new players buy Escape from Tarkov hacks to get to the top rank in only some time. However, some explainers of the highly vital features and mechanics of EFT are below.

The General Gameplay Loop of EFT

EFT is an FPS having RPG components. When players play this game, they fight with their friends or alone inside huge maps during Raids, and it is the main mode of Escape from Tarkov. Commonly, players are needed to survive on the stage that they had chosen earlier and reach their probable extraction points. However, they need to do it fast before the time gets out.

Though it sounds pretty simple on paper, it becomes difficult when a gamer kills a player with a headshot that has been created by any kind of weapon. This is the chief reason players ought to wear a helmet. A player can play using his chief character, named PMC, and using another that broods with random equipment when he uses them, and this is known as Scav. Commonly, players use Scavs for loot, and they get more opportunities to re-stock their stash using them.

Players can take part in Raids when they play as Scavs and attempt to loot lots of things. They can also earn money when they sell items and finish quests with traders. 

The fundamentals of healing

If players become a hit playing EFT, they will not regenerate over time, similar to other FPS. EFT features a complicated health system having different probable outcomes. The limbs of the players remain split in a graph, and they can always check them under the tab “Health”. Here, players will come to know about their overall status, particularly if one portion of their body does not do well. If you get a shot in your arm, it will form either a big or small cut, and you need to take very good care of it. You should use bandages, or else you will die due to loss of blood. Again, a miscalculated fall can alter the method you move or break your legs. In this condition, a painkiller can turn into a temporary but fast solution.

When players play EFT, they need to pay heed to the kinds of healing items and when they ought to utilize them. 

Eating and Drinking

Players who play EFT should be mindful of two vital stats: Energy and Hydration. When these stats get to zero, players begin to behave in a highly confined way. They move weakly and also lose their sight. Players can die, too, if they remain in this condition for a lengthy period. To avoid this state, they should have some food and a bottle of water in their equipment. It will not be important if they have planned to do quick extractions. However, players should not stand on the battlefield, particularly for a lengthy period. This system does not allow players to go in Raids habitually, as their stats will not regenerate in this manner. 



Money is hugely important in EFT as with it; you can purchase better and stronger equipment from other players or Traders. To get money, a player should finish quests. Again, he can also sell products that he thinks aren’t vital or he wouldn’t use. Players can think of selling weapons, but initially, they ought to disassemble their parts to sell them separately. They must attempt to save the ammo when they unload the magazines as they are more important compared to the weapon. Players come across three in-game currencies, and they are Dollars, Euros, and Roubles. 

Recovering Equipment

Commonly, players’ equipment becomes lost when they lose their lives in a Raid. Nonetheless, there is still an opportunity to save it, and it is found with one of the mechanics of EF; insurance. Commonly, before players deploy at a level, they get an opportunity to talk to a Trader to ask him to insure anything they have equipped. However, there is a catch here. The insurance might not work if another player gets hold of the equipment. 


The tactic of looting expensive items fast can be one of the interests of players when they play Escape from Tarkov. The items they find will seem to be useful for forming improved load outs, healing, doing modules, earning money, selling to NPCs, etc.  

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