Sony has released their financial reports for the third quarter of the 2022 financial year, and PlayStation 5 console sales surged. In Q3, the PS5 sold 7.1 million units, a huge rise from last year’s 3.9 million sales in the same time period. This bump in console sales can be attributed to greater availability, after widespread stock issues hindered the PS5’s debut. Now that Sony is openly celebrating the availability of the PS5, the system is finding its audience. The PS5 has now shipped 32.1 million consoles as of Dec. 31, 2022.

Along with a rise in PS5 sales, Sony have also reached a new high of monthly active users on PlayStation systems, with 112 million gamers logging into PlayStation Network in Q3 2022. As if Sony didn’t have enough to celebrate, CFO Hiroko Totoki revealed (thanks to a translation from Genki) that the PS5’s market share is expanding in the USA, despite some earlier narrowing of the gap. This is reinforced by the financial reports sharing that 30% of monthly active users on PS5 had never owned a PS4, showing a rise in new platform adopters.

Marvels Spider Man 2 Spider Man and Miles Morales side by side headshots
Sony has some gaming heavy hitters planned for 2023.

It’s not all good news. Sony saw a drop of PlayStation Plus subscribers, from 48 million in Q3 2021 to 46.4 million in Q3 2022. Despite falling subscriber numbers, revenue from those subscribers rose thanks to the Extra and Premium tiers of PlayStation Plus. PlayStation may be dominating now, but Totoki warns that the situation is “dynamic,” and Q4 sales will be watched closely as the financial year ends and a new one begins. 

2023 should be a big year for PlayStation. With blockbuster exclusives like Final Fantasy XVI and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the gaming output is sure to push more systems and sales. The release of PSVR 2 later this month on Feb. 22 may also bump PS5 sales, depending on the reception of the VR system.

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