The 3 week Amiibo loot crate subscription service costs $150

Earlier this week, Nintendo and Loot Crate announced a subscription service that delivers ten new Amiibo figurines through the mail. Earlier today, the price of this subscription  was announced: $50 per week, not including shipping and handling charges.

With each amiibo figurine costing $12.99 each in stores, buying the loot crate does not reflect any discount or saving for the customers. The value of this deal comes from the extra rare items included in the Crates, including 3 mini magazines, stickers and a t-shirt.

The full roster of figurines was also revealed.

Week 1: Donkey Kong, Mario, Kirby and Pikachu figures, plus a mini magazine, wristband and sticker.

Week 2:Fox, Yoshi, Peach and Samus figures, another mini magazine and a cinch bag.

Week 3: Luigi and Zelda figure, a third mini magazine and a t-shirt.

The overall price for these crates total at a one time payment of $155 or three weekly payments totalling $165.


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