The December Playstation Plus games have been announced

Its the most wonderful time of the year, wait if your a Playstation Plus subscriber mostly for your Playstation 4 then we should change that. It is the most lackluster time of the year, yes when we consider the Playstation Plus lineup for December this does sound appropriate. All year long Sony has barely been scraping by with poor game choices for the Playstation 4 when it comes to Playstation Plus. While the company continues to deliver strong months for the Vita and even the Playstation 3 the newer console owners are not really getting anything special and as we close the year nothing has changed.

Sony has revealed the latest games Playstation Plus subscribers will be getting their hands on and its certain we have had better months. Starting from next Tuesday which is interestingly the start of the month Playstation 4 owners will be able to get their hands on the first chapter of Activision’s new King’s Quest series, as well as Gauntlet: Slayer Edition. Playstation 3 owners on the other hand have a much better month with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and SSX acting as highlights, not to mention decent games. Finally, PlayStation Vita sees Freedom Wars and Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken added to the service.

There are an okay selection here but sadly the quality of the service is diminishing and not offering its full potential.

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