The Game Awards Reveals That Perfect Dark Is Returning

The all-digital 2020 edition of The Game Awards dropped some pretty big announcements – but here’s something pretty much nobody was expecting. The Initiative, a newly formed studio affiliated with Xbox, has announced that, after a decade of silence and endless fan anticipation, the Perfect Dark franchise will return.

The original Perfect Dark was created by Rare and released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64. The cyberpunk themed first-person shooter was considered a spiritual successor to Rare’s previous title, Goldeneye 007, as both games featured similar gameplay mechanics. Perfect Dark told the story of Joanna Dark, a secret agent, who was tasked with uncovering and dismantling an extraterrestrial conspiracy helmed by a sinister corporation called dataDyne. The game received critical praise for its graphics, use of artificial intelligence, and co-operative multiplayer options.

In 2005, the game received a prequel, Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360. It also received a remaster for the same console in 2010.

Little information was shared regarding the upcoming project set in the Perfect Dark universe, although the trailer revealed at The Game Awards did confirm that Joanna Dark will return in some capacity. Developer The Initiative has described Perfect Dark as a “near-future thriller” which will “re-imagine” the beloved IP. Xbox has reportedly fully supported the project.

The game will take place in a currently unidentified sprawling futuristic city, with just a hint of combat shown within what appears to be a laboratory. In a follow-up post via the official Xbox news site, the team at The Initiative confirmed that more information will be released in the near future.

In the meanwhile, you can watch the official reveal trailer here:

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