Open World Adventure Tchia Revealed at Game Awards

The 2020 all-digital version of the Game Awards started out strong – we got some big reveal trailers during the pre-show. One of the games revealed was Tchia, a bright, colorful open world adventure game in the style of such titles as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Tchia takes place on a gorgeous island inspired by the real life tropical paradise of New Caledonia, the home of developer Awaceb. It will feature characters, plants, animals, costumes and more inspired by vibrant New Caledonian culture.

The title character, a young girl, loves exploring her island, climbing rocks, gliding across the sky, and swimming in the sea. She also loves playing ukulele with all of her friends. You will even be able to unlock special melodies which can affect the world around you – so make sure to play and learn every song you come across. However, she possesses a special power: the ability to take control of any object or animal which she encounters. Roll across the ground as a coconut, fly through the skies as a bird – or even swim through the seas as a ferocious shark.

You’ll also have a boat to explore the entire archipelago – Tchia is truly a wide open sandbox full of plenty of exciting wonders for players to discover.

Check out the official trailer as revealed during the Game Awards pre-show:

Tchia will be releasing for Stadia and PC via Steam. An official release date has not yet been announced, but it is expected to debut sometime in 2021. Awaceb will continue to update fans as the release date draws closer.

Are you looking forward to exploring the beautiful shores of New Caledonia alongside Tchia? Let us know! For more Game Awards coverage, keep an eye on throughout the night.

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