“The Callisto Protocol” Announced At The Game Awards

One of the new games announced at The Game Awards comes to the community from a veteran director.  Glen Schofield was the executive producer behind the original Dead Space, a survival horror game that took players into the dark depths of space.  Now heading up Striking Distance Studios, Schofield is taking us back out there, but rather than the trackless void of interstellar space, he’s keeping us a little closer to our homeworld.

The Callisto Protocol takes place on the Jovian moon of the same name.  The trailer (which can also be found on YouTube by itself) sets the scene with a properly claustrophobic tone.  A prisoner awakes to an announcement hologram of the prison warden, informing all personnel to report to the main security area.  As the prisoner looks out through the bar, he finds that the guard robot is malfunctioning, the lights are out, and he can’t seem to get his cellmate to respond.  Turning around, he finds a monstrous creature has now appeared in his cell.  From the control room of the prison, the warden watches as the prisoner (likely the last one alive) is attacked, then turns off the monitors for the security cameras.  As he turns to look at the main prison block silhouetted by the limb of Jupiter, the automated traffic controller announces that clearance has been granted to the transport ship Charon.

The game is not due to come out till 2022, so it’s going to be a while before we get anything more substantive about the story or the characters.  However, during the announcement, Schofield mentioned that The Callisto Protocol is going to be a single player third-person survival horror game, much like Dead Space before it.  Players interested in getting updates can go to the game’s official website and sign up on the media channel of their particular choice.

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