The Indies: Why We Love Indies

Chloe Spencer hosts GameLuster’s new podcast series, The Indies (it will run concurrent with Project Rusty). In this first episode, Chloe reminiscences with a friend on her discovery of indie games, namely their watching of PewDiePie’s Let’s Play of Cry of Fear. She is then joined by other GameLuster staff members Robert Scarpinito and Austin Suther, who share their earliest memories of indie games. Titles discussed include Dust: An Elysian Tale and My Time at Portia. Discussion also includes why the participants will go to indie games over AAA releases.

Download it here.

Update: The text above states that The Indies will run “concurrent” with our other podcast series, Project Rusty. However, this does not mean that The Indies, too, will be weekly. This simply means that it will run as a podcast series in addition to Project Rusty. The Indies will be less frequent.

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