The Last Of Us 2 Remaster Leaks On LinkedIn – Then Vanishes

A Naughty Dog employee appears to have accidentally confirmed The Last Of Us Part II will receive the remaster treatment after the listing for the title was picked up on their LinkedIn profile. One keen-eyed X (formerly Twitter) user @DomTheBombYT shared a screenshot from the profile belonging to Mark Pajarillo, the Lead Outsource Artist at Naughty Dog. 

Pajarillo started full-time employment with Naughty Dog in January 2021, it reads beneath his experience tab. He has overseen “the production of all outsourced environment art assets, weapons and interactive props for two iconic titles.”

In the screenshot below, the “two” iconic titles include The Last Of Us Part I, the PS5 remake, and curiously, The Last Of Us 2: Remastered. Pajarillo, undoubtedly noticing his error, has removed any mention of the sequel slip-up from the experience tab on his profile. However, the word “two” remains in the description, indicating the error was deleted in a rush.

Since we know the studio is working on new projects, does the listing suggest a remaster is being actively developed at Naughty Dog?

It would be surprising if the studio were to announce a remastered version of the sequel after only three years. In fairness, the original PS3 port for The Last Of Us, released in 2013, was remastered for the PS4 a year later.

The question is, does The Last Of Us Part II need a next-gen overhaul to match the tech of the PS5? Let us know in the comments section below, and keep up to date with any and all gaming news developments at GameLuster.

Mark Pajarillo's LinkedIn Profile.
Mark Pajarillo’s LinkedIn Profile. (Pic: Mark Pajarillo).
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4 months ago

Sweet, like Part 1, another lazy port for millions of us PS fans to ignore and make sure it gets lower sales then the “failure” Days Gone.