The Last Of Us: Modder Makes Joel Bald

A modder has reimagined Joel from The Last Of Us if he were bald, and on this occasion…, just no…, seriously (thanks to a story from Eurogamer). So, you’re expecting some visual evidence to back up this daft opening statement. Well, evidence you shall have. Look no further than a montage of clips from the well-known modder Speclizer, who has previously attracted attention on the internet for their in-game modifications and discoveries in high-profile games, including a recent PS2 downgrade on God of War: Ragnarök.

This time round, the modder, who discovered multiplayer armour kits in The Last Of Us Part II, has been hard at work shaving away Joel’s hair from key cutscenes in Naughty Dog’s sequel, and honestly, the results are quite profound. At first, it’s difficult to take Joel seriously with the makeover, as he plays guitar and sings Pearl Jam’s ‘If I Ever Were To Lose You.’

See bald Joel for yourself.

As the scenes progress, the strangest thing begins to happen. Pardon the pun, but Joel’s shaven appearance begins to grow on you. In other cutscenes from the game, such as Ellie discovering Joel’s lies at the hospital in Utah to Ellie’s birthday at the museum, you’ll often find yourself distracted because, most likely, you’ll find your gaze stuck on Joel’s big, bald head.

For more The Last Of Us content, stay with us at GameLuster. What do you think of Joel’s drastic makeover? Is it a yay or nay moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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