The Last Of Us Part 1: PS5 Features & Gameplay Outlined

Naughty Dog dissects details of The Last Of Us Part 1 in a brand-new behind-the-scenes trailer. In a ten-minute clip, available at the link further below, the video mixes interviews from Naughty Dog’s team with gameplay footage from the PS5. We’ll begin with motion matching technology – a gameplay enhancement that studies a player’s movements against AI and attempts to match them from hundreds of pre-recorded mo-cap animations. 

According to game co-director Matthew Gallant, within each frame, the technology will search for “the best matching animation that fits the path of where the character’s going to go.” The technology further “gives this really seamless sense of transition”, and creates “really smooth organic movement.” 

Shaun Escayg, a writer and creative director on The Last Of Us, describes facial animations as “way more believable.” The AI tech, inspired by The Last Of Us Part II, has increased “incredibly” allowing for more sophisticated and realistic interactions with NPCs. Game director Neil Druckmann describes the upgrades to AI as “rewarding.” The art direction, Escayg says, has been completely “revamped” which will allow players to “feel the environments in a far more visceral way.” 


The Last Of Us Part 1 will take advantage of the PS5’s 3D audio, making fights with Stalkers particularly unnerving. Every gun in the game will, Gallant says, have a “variable amount of resistance on the triggers when you aim them.” In the case of Ellie’s bowstring, resistance will increase as you pull and release the arrow. There’ll be haptic feedback when pumping and firing a shotgun within the DualSense controller – and similarly on workbenches as Joel repairs a weapon. 

Similarly, in the quieter moments, the haptics will add a new dimension to the gameplay – highlighted in the video by Joel petting the giraffe. Inspired by Part II, the remake will include additional render and photo modes, gameplay modifiers, brand-new permadeath, and speed-run mode. The game has added a wealth of new unlockables – from character and weapon models to outfits. Plus, The Last Of Us Part 1 will become the first PlayStation-made game with audio description options in cutscenes.

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