The Last Of Us Part II Becomes The Most Completed PS4 Game

According to Playstation trophy data, first collated by Ungeek, The Last Of Us Part II is now the most completed PS4 game.

Upon completing the game’s campaign, players receive the customary “What I Had To Do” trophy as the credits roll. New information revealed by Ungeek shows that 58% (at the time of writing) of players that bought the game have collected this trophy. This does not include those who’ve not synced their trophies.

Now, of course, 58% is a little over the halfway mark and not that remarkable. But, when compared to other PS4 titles, such as Spider-Man, God Of War, or samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima. According to completion rate data from Ungeek, the Final Fantasy VII Remake sits at 53.3%, God of War a 51.8%, and fellow Naughty Dog game, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, managed to scrape above the halfway mark with 50.3%.

Those beneath the 50% mark include Detroit: Become Human (49%), Ghost of Tsushima, (38.2%), and Red Dead Redemption II (28.6%).

Ungeek does point out that the numbers may not be precisely accurate, as they’re based on the trophies given for each game’s story completion. Plus, difficulty levels and story paths, for other titles, will need to be taken into consideration when the numbers are crunched.

The Last Of Us Part II, post-release, has had a fair share of success. From becoming Sony’s most significant launch on the PS4 to the most downloaded PS Store game in June, Naughty Dog’s sequel now has another.

Recently, Naughty Dog unveiled a new update for The Last Of Us Part II. Patch 1.05, most notably, brings back Grounded Mode, the hardest difficulty from 2013’s The Last Of Us. Elsewhere there’s the Permadeath mode, a custom mode granting the player only one life.

Naughty Dog further introduced a series of new gameplay modifiers and a tonne of add-ons such as Ammo, Crafting, and Listen Mode Range.

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