The Last Of Us Part II Patch 1.05: Modifiers, Modes And More

Naughty Dog today unveiled the new update for The Last Of Us Part II. Patch 1.05, most notably, welcomes back Grounded Mode, the hardest difficulty from 2013’s The Last Of Us. For those who’ve succeeded in beating the mode will understand the trials and tribulations in undertaking the challenge. Weapons are scarce, resources are highly limited, and enemies cause triple damage. Now, it’s the sequel turn. 

Then there’s the Permadeath mode, a custom mode granting the player only one life. If you die, it’s back to the beginning. Naughty Dog explains that Permadeath, however, can be customized “with checkpoints on a per-chapter or per-act basis.”

If you beat these two modes, there are two new DLC trophies to claim. Elsewhere, the latest update adds up to 30 new graphical rendering modes and audio modifiers “that allow you to change the look and feel of the game.”

Screenshotter YouTube TheLastofUsPartII GroundedUpdateTrailerPS4 0’38”

Naughty Dog are unveiling new gameplay modifiers ready to be unlocked. The list is relatively extensive, but they include Mirror World, Mirror on Death, One Shot, Touch of Death, 4-bit and 8-bit audio, and the option to disable listen mode. (All available via the Extras menu).

Some rather handy add-ons include Infinite Ammo, Crafting, and Listen Mode Range. For the full rundown of Naughty Dog’s update, head on over to their blog post.

Screenshotter YouTube TheLastofUsPartII GroundedUpdateTrailerPS4 0’28”

Last week, alleged footage from The Last Of Us Part II’s forthcoming multiplayer mode leaked online. The footage only lasts eleven seconds; however, the footage has now been removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim from Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

The very fact that Sony has pulled the footage down could suggest it’s legitimacy. It would also mean that the footage is, in particular, from Naughty Dog’s forthcoming standalone multiplayer expansion. 

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