The Last Of Us Part II Patch Update Adds Two DLC Trophies

The notable absence of a grounded mode within The Last Of Us Part II was a curious one. Being the hardest difficult to beat (it only took me six excruciatingly long months to conquer) the original game’s Grounded mode removes the game’s HUD and listen mode, increases enemy damage significantly, and weapons and supplies become rather scarce.

However, as spotted by Twitter user PowerPyx, the sequel will be introducing two new DLC trophies, as part of the forthcoming Patch 1.03. One of which suggests Grounded mode is on the way.

Plus, seeing as they’re DLC trophies, they will not be required to platinum the game. The first of the two modes is “Dig Two Graves,” a trophy awarded to anyone who can beat the game on Grounded. The second is “You Can’t Stop This,” an award for conquering the game with permadeath enabled. It means, as the player, you’ll be granted one life for the entire game. No pressure.

Last week, alleged footage from The Last Of Us Part II’s forthcoming multiplayer mode leaked online. The footage only lasts eleven seconds, however the footage has now been removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim from Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

The very fact that Sony has pulled the footage down could suggest it’s legitimacy. It would also mean that the footage is in fact from Naughty Dog’s forthcoming standalone multiplayer expansion. The mode was due for release alongside the original game, but as time went on, and as the project grew ever more extensive and ambitious, Naughty Dog shelved it for a later date.

In other news for the Zombie franchise, Craig Mazin gave a small update on the TV adaptation of The Last Of Us. At around 31 minutes into an interview, Mazin (best known for his work on Chernobyl) explained that work had begun with game-director Neil Druckmann, as the two of them follow an outline of mapping out the “first cycle” of the project, before moving onto the writing stage.

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