The Last Of Us Season Finale Cameo You Might Have Missed

As the first season of HBO’s The Last Of Us wraps with last night’s season finale, there’s a name in the credits that will have you rewinding to a particular moment earlier in the episode. It goes without saying that spoilers will be discussed in this story, so watch the season finale first and then come back to us. Laura Bailey, best known for providing her voice and motion capture talents as Abby in The Last Of Us Part II, provided a real-life cameo in the season closer. 

At first, it would be tricky to distinguish her in the scene, but the actress is credited with playing a nurse during the gruelling hospital sequence. Joel rampages through the Firefly stronghold in search of Ellie, who is set to undergo surgery to remedy a cure for the Cordyceps virus. Joel kills soldiers en masse and even the lead surgeon, likely Abby’s father, as established in The Last Of Us Part II.

HBO The Last of Us Ashley Johnson anna
Whilst Ashley Johnson’s cameo may have been more obvious, this episode also had an appearance from Laura Bailey.

Bailey isn’t the only familiar face cropping up in the episode, as Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie in the games, made a short cameo as Anna, Ellie’s biological mother. While her appearance in the series is considerably more conspicuous, it’d be easy to miss Laura Bailey’s name in the credits, let alone identify her kitted out as a nurse. Johnson’s co-star in the games, Troy Baker, contributed to the series as James in last week’s Episode 8

As the season closes, attention turns to Season 2, with Pedro Pascal providing an update on when filming could begin. Bailey, whose other credits with Naughty Dog include playing mercenary Nadine Ross in the Uncharted series, recently expressed interest in returning to The Last Of Us as Abby, should a third game see the light of day.

Did you spot the cameos in this episode? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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