The Last Of Us Show Will Debut Early 2023, Says Director

The age-old question of when The Last Of Us TV series will debut has been on the lips of fans for months. While an exact release date remains unclear, the series pilot director, Kantemir Balagov has shone a light on the question and given a better idea of when we can expect the show to debut. In an interview with Comic Book, the Russian film director confirmed that the series was still in production, but Balagov also revealed that as far as he was aware, the series should premiere sometime “early next year.” 

The Beanpole and Closeness director added that the series “has a special place in my heart.” There’s no telling what “early” implies, but there’s a strong chance the series could air sometime in the first three to four months of the year.

As previously reported by GameLuster, there’s even speculation that the adaptation’s release date could coincide with the launch of The Last Of Us Remake. Journalist Jeff Grubb spoke on the Kinda Funny Games Youtube channel last week, affirming his theory that the remake would drop in 2022. Everything we hear should be taken with a pinch of salt – that is until Naughty Dog says otherwise. 

The Last Of Us will star Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie). Supporting roles include Gabriel Luna (Tommy), Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett (Bill and Frank), Storm Reid (Riley), Merle Dandridge (Marlene), Anna Torv (Tess), Nico Parker (Sarah), and Jeffrey Pierce as an original character.

The Last of Us charts a journey from Boston to Utah in a post-pandemic US as Joel smuggles an immune 14-year-old, Ellie, to a military group, the Fireflies, to create a vaccine for the Cordyceps virus. For more The Last Of Us content, photos from the set of the adaptation recently revealed the Firefly hospital – a key location from the game.

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