The Last Of Us Trailer Teases Melanie Lynskey’s Villain

Mild spoilers ahead for The Last Of Us. To those who’ve already seen the exclusive teaser trailer for The Last Of Us, a new face in the footage might be leaving fans pondering their identity. While the teaser gave fans the first proper look at the world and the characters we’ve all come to know and love from The Last Of Us – including a brand-new character played by Melanie Lynskey. 

The 45-year-old New Zealand actress, best known for her work on Yellowjackets and Two and a Half Men, will reportedly play a character known as Kathleen, as confirmed in a social media post from Nick Romano, a journalist with Entertainment Weekly. Above a still of Lynskey, he described her character, Kathleen, as “the ruthless leader of a revolutionary movement in Kansas City.”

In response to the teaser trailer, which celebrates Outbreak Day, better known as The Last Of Us Day (September 26), Lynskey shared her thoughts, describing the upcoming adaptation as “beautiful and scary.” 

The details of her character’s involvement with the show remain relatively unknown, but it is understood that Missouri would stand in for Pittsburgh, the original location in the game. This would align with the theory that Lynskey, serving as the head of a group of hunters in the city, might ambush Joel and Ellie on the road. In the game, the military is overthrown by survivors. They successfully acquire a military vehicle to torment those passing through the city. 

The Last of Us charts a journey across the post-pandemic USA as Joel smuggles an immune 14-year-old Ellie to a military group, The Fireflies, in a bid to create a vaccine for the Cordyceps virus. Alongside Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, the series will further star Gabriel Luna (Tommy), Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett (Bill and Frank), Storm Reid (Riley), Merle Dandridge (Marlene), Anna Torv (Tess), Nico Parker (Sarah), and Jeffrey Pierce as an original character. 

For more content from The Last Of Us, take a look at GameLuster’s full analysis and breakdown for HBO’s teaser trailer. 

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