The Planet Crafter: How To Get More Food

Unlike most survival games, acquiring more food is not easy for new players in The Planet Crafter. Since you are trapped on a desolate planet with no life, you will not encounter any plants or animals that you can eat. However, with the help of advanced technology, you can still survive and complete your mission to terraform this planet. In this guide, we’ll explain several ways you can get more food in The Planet Crafter.

The Planet Crafter Food Grower Guide

The Planet Crafter Food Grower

At the start of the game, the easiest way to get more food is by finding Storage Crates while exploring. They usually hold some food and seeds that you must collect. Once you have raised your Oxygen level to 12.00 ppt, you can start making Food Growers.

Here are the materials you must gather to build one Food Growers:

  • Aluminum x1
  • Iron x1
  • Water Bottle x1

Using this machine, you can plant any fruit and vegetable seeds to grow more food. As long as you don’t remove the seed, the plant will keep growing even without care. 

Another way to get food is by building Outdoor Farms. You can only place this structure outside, but you can grow multiple crops from one packet of seeds. 

During the end game, you can even purchase the Cooking Station Blueprint for 400 Terra Tokens. You can get this rare currency from Storage Crates or selling items via a Space Trading Rocket. After you buy the blueprint, you can craft this tool using these materials:

  • Circuit Board x1
  • Super Alloy x1

Here is the list of some food you can get in The Planet Crafter:

  • Beans – 60
  • Croissant – 75
  • Eggplant – 25
  • High Quality Food – 90
  • Honey Beehives – 10
  • Mushroom – 35
  • Space Food – 40
  • Squash – 40
  • Cookie – 90 – Buff: Increases running speed
  • Fish Soup – 50 – Buff: Reduces Oxygen consumption
  • Honey Cooked Beans – 50 – Buff: Reduces Thirst

That’s the end of our guide on how to get more food in The Planet Crafter. For more related content, you can check out our post on how to get Iridium.

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