The Planet Crafter: How To Get & Use Iridium

Terraforming a planet is no easy task, and you must build a lot of structures to change the climate of this alien planet. One of the rare materials you need is Iridium, which new players may have trouble finding due to their locations. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can find and use Iridium in The Planet Crafter.

The Planet Crafter Iridium Locations Guide

The Plante Crafter Iridium Mine

You can only get Iridium from Iridium Mines in The Planet Crafter. If you use the standard landing location, you can easily find a mine by climbing the sand hill to your right. There will be several sand waterfalls that drop near the cave entrance.

I highly recommend building an Ore Extractor so you can passively gather this rare mineral. You can unlock this machine at the Pressure level of 155 μPa. Here are the materials required to make this tool:

  • Osmium x2
  • Iridium Rod x1
  • Super Alloy x1 
  • Aluminium x1
  • Titanium x1

All the minerals this tool picks up will be stored inside the blue chest. You should regularly check the Ore Extractor to avoid the storage being full.

Another way to obtain Iridium is from meteorites that sometimes fall onto the planet. Don’t worry; you won’t miss the amazing event due to the ruckus and low earthquake that accompanies it. This is not a reliable source of Iridium, tough, since falling meteorites are pretty rare.

A more reliable way is to visit various Wrecks in The Planet Crafter. You should be able to notice the massive abandoned ships that littered the land. Although the lack of light may seem scary, it is completely safe to venture inside since this planet has no hostile creatures. Each abandoned ship usually has several blue chests that contain various valuable materials, such as food, seeds, and Iridium.

That’s the end of our guide on how to get and use Iridium in The Planet Crafter. For more fun content, you can read our feature article on the highest-reviewed games in 2023.

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