The Red Dead PS4 and Switch Port – In The Words Of Fans

Rockstar yesterday confirmed that a new iteration of the original Red Dead Redemption would be arriving on the PlayStation 4 and Switch – and the RDR fanbase have reacted in pretty much the way you’d expect.

As a quick recap, Rockstar defined the port as a “conversion” and not a remaster. The first point of contention among the fanbase is the price. At £39.99 in the UK via Nintendo’s online store, this amounts to $50 in the US, a sum many fans are not happy to pay. 

“No PC version and 50 dollars pricing,” one Twitter user said, while another points out that Rockstar have effectively U-turned on their decision not to develop “simple ports” for video games, highlighted in an article from The Gamer. “$49.99? Ouch. It came out 13 years ago,” another Twitter user said. 

“It saddens me that the long-anticipated Red Dead Redemption project wasn’t the improvement we hoped for,” a Twitter user wrote, who found it “disappointing that there is no PC port, no multiplayer, no 60 fps, and isn’t developed for the current-gen. The game deserved better.”

The announcement trailer received harsh feedback too. The divided like/dislike ratio is one thing, but the top comments are damning. “Rockstar never disappoints when it comes to disappointing us,” one comment read. “Rockstar is so disconnected from their fans it’s painful. What a disappointment,” another adds.

Others have compared the Red Dead Redemption port to the GTA Trilogy, a collection of games famously ported to new-gen consoles and outsourced to a third-party prior to release. After receiving a mixed reception toward the trilogy, the fallout led to Rockstar apologising to fans.

Will history itself with the Red Dead Redemption port? Will you be buying the updated port for Red Dead Redemption? If so, let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments below!

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