EA’s The Sims franchise has graced us with 21 years of weird neighbours, the supernatural, and bizarre glitches. Now to celebrate, EA has released 21 pieces of content.

The EA statement says you can now “unwrap 21 new presents in The Sims 4, designed by your fellow players!”

The new content designed by HeyHarrie, peachyfaerie, storylegacysims, peacemaker_ic, Luumia, icemunmun, grimcookies, FeralPoodles, and Aharris00Britney has been released as part of The Sims 4‘s latest update. The update has also brought in some tweaks and fixes to the game.

The Sims‘ social accounts has released a 50 second social media video detailing what has been introduced to the game. The video shows us new furniture, new food, new clothing and makeup, and new facial details.


However, there has been a mixed reaction. Some fans in the comments haven’t been all that pleased with the content as many have felt it had been over-hyped since the announcement back at the start of the month. However, some fans are arguing that people should not be complaining as it is a free update.

One comment by DutchGirlLeonie read: “It’s free. While EA pays the people making it. These CC creators worked weeks for it. And the first thing your do is complain?

Also announced during a Twitch livestream as part of the 21st anniversary event, is the introduction of bunk beds into The Sims 4. This will be a relief for fans who have been begging EA for bunk beds pretty much since The Sims 4 was released back in 2014. Bunk beds will come as part of the next update in March.

To add even more onto what’s to come, it has been revealed that The Sims Kits are being introduced, with more information set to be revealed in the coming days. The Sims Kits appear to be condensed versions of stuff packs, but yet again,  fans are not impressed.

One comment by Acidlure said: “I just want to know who at EAxis thought this was a good idea. From what we saw, Kits are basically downgraded stuff packs. We don’t need them. All of the items could’ve fit into existing packs!

Elsewhere, check out our picks for the 12 Weirdest Ways To Die in The Sims Franchise to mark this special birthday!

The Sims 4 update is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players.

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