TLOU2 Voice Cameos Provided By Writers, Druckmann Confirms

Neil Druckmann has confirmed via Reddit that he and fellow co-writer on The Last Of Us Part II, Halley Gross, provided brief voice cameos in the sequel. For those who’ve yet to complete or play the game, be warned as there are spoilers ahead.

During Abby’s third day of the campaign, as she reaches the theatre where Ellie, Dina, Jesse, and Tommy are holed up, she overhears radio chatter in the projector room, announcing that Isaac, the leader of the WLF, is dead, before appealing for reinforcements. This is related to the devastating assault on the Seraphite island, a sequence of gameplay to rival the standalone battle sequences in Game Of Thrones.

A Reddit user commented on the radio chatter, intrigued by two voices they can hear. “I might be tripping, but that lowkey sounds like Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross over the Radio. If someone from ND somehow sees this, please tell us if you know.”

Not long after, Druckmann responded to the post, saying “Good ear,” which would indicate the theory is correct. It’s yet another nugget of incredible detail from Naughty Dog’s sequel, which makes us further ask, what else is there to discover within the game?

For anyone daring to attempt the game’s newest Permadeath and Grounded modes, there is also Naughty Dog’s latest patch 1.05 to experiment with in-game. The developers are unveiling new gameplay modifiers, graphical rendering modes, and audio modifiers.

Recently, Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin discussed the creative process in developing the television adaptation of The Last Of Us.

At around the 31-minute mark, Mazin explains that work has begun with game-director Neil Druckmann, as they follow an outline of mapping out the “first cycle” of the project, before moving onto the writing stage.

The Last Of Us Part II is available on PS4, released on June 19. 

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