Tomonobu Itagaki on the theme of war within Devil’s Third

Devil’s Third has had quite the history for development with it beginning life getting ready to make its way to the Playstation 3 as well as other consoles, but then after vanishing for a short while the game was finally re-revealed at E3 last year as a Wii U exclusive. It’s reveal as a Wii U exclusive excited Wii U owners as it was another interesting and different game for the platform, though when we think about it the trailer didn’t tell us much about what to expect from the game. As it turns out the game has quite a strong focus on war as a key element of the game something Tomonobu Itagaki from Valhalla Game Studios discussed in an interview with People’s Daily. Itagaki had this to say:

We always seek to innovate in games, and so it means they will not be the same. We’re currently working on a game called “Devil’s Third.” It is different than previous games up until now, as it is not just about fighting, but about diplomacy and forming treaties in the midst of a war in a realistic world setting. All of this is mashed up into one game. It is a world where peace is sought. My colleagues and I worked to put all this within a “war game.” Eventually it became a household game for the Wii U, but we are currently developing games for mobile too.

We haven’t seen Devil’s Third since E3 last year and haven’t heard much from the game in months, though I do see the game making an appearence at E3 this year in one form or another, as a whole we will just have to wait and see.


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