Top 10 Characters We Can’t Wait to See in Midnight Suns

With the Midnight Suns trailer having just dropped, and the promise of a look into gameplay here in a few days, hardcore Marvel fans and casual fans alike are all sitting on the edge of their seats, eager to see what’s to come. The game itself is inspired by the comic from the 90s surrounding a team with a similar name, the Midnight Sons, and follows a team of some of the more dark, supernatural heroes in the Marvel universe. While a few popular characters in the franchise have been thrown into the mix for this game, that doesn’t appear to take away from the arcane vibe that the Midnight Suns was initially meant to project.  

What’s more is that the game is being advertised as a tactical RPG, which will allow you not only to fight alongside heroes, but also communicate and form bonds with them in home base called The Abbey, as an integral part of the experience. A decent sized roster has already been confirmed for the game, and the prospect of getting to have a much more interactive experience with so many beloved Marvel characters is one few should turn away. That being said, here are some of the characters we’re most excited to see in Midnight Suns

10) Chthon


Chthon is the the Elder God and Archdemon of Chaos. While we haven’t received images or direct confirmation that he will be a character in the game, he is referenced in the trailer and is known to be the malevolent master of the game’s main villain, Lilith. We know her intentions are to fulfill an ancient prophecy and invoke him into the world, so it seems very likely that he’ll make an appearance if not be the ultimate big bad of the game.

9) Dr. Strange

As a Master of the Mystic arts and socerer, as well as an original member of the Midnight Sons, it’s only natural that he’s been included in the game. He’s bound to be an incredible force given his magical abilities, which will be awesome to see in game, but we’re also eager to see how he’ll act with the others and perhaps be a more grounding presence for the other members of the team.

8) Wolverine

While Wolverine wasn’t an original member of the Midnight Sons, his gritty and brutish nature seems to allow him to fit in rather seemlessly. We get a look into his berserker type way of fighting in the trailer, but on the interactive side of thins, it’ll be interesting to see what type of interactions could be had with a character who typically prefers being a loner.

7) Captain Marvel

Arguably one of the strongest beings in the Marvel universe, and going up against the literal Mother of Demons, she’s a logical addition to Midnight Suns. She might not give off the same sort of mysterious, supernatural vibes that most of the others do, but has a sort of sociable, badass type of personality that will mesh well with the others.

6) Magik 

Another member that wasn’t apart of the original Midnight Sons, she’s not quite as well known as some of the others but extremely powerful in her own right. She not only has a mutant ability which allows her to create “stepping disks” which can transport herself and others across space and time, but she’s also a sorceress, and wielder of the Soulsword.

5) Lilith

Mother of Demons, and main villain of the game, she’s resurrected by Hydra to help her fulfil her purpose and summon her master Chthon. She controls an army of her children, the Lilin, who we see our heroes fight in the recently released trailer. It appears her child, The Hunter, who is an ancient warrior who vanquished her, is going to be the main character that the player will be able to control in game.  The differences from her comic design are palpable, but ultimately maintains a recognizable and terrifying silhouette that we can’t wait to see in game.

4) Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider being portrayed in Midnight Suns is that of Robbie Reyes. His soul is bonded with that of a spirit named Eli, who grants him abilities very similar to that of the Ghost Riders before him to invoke vengence on those that do evil. He differs in that his abilities aren’t linked with a bike, but with his 1969 Dodge Charger also known as the Hell Charger. The supernatural nature and demonic roots of his powers make him a very good fit on the team, and provides a more carefree and exciting personality to compliment the rest.

3) Blade

The half-vampire, vampire hunter himself, Blade was an original member of the Midnight Sons and is one of the characters we’re most excited to see. While being impervious to vampire bites won’t exactly help him against an army of demons, the physical powers he possesses from being a half-vampire certainly will. Watching his iconic black, leather trenchcoat dance around a battle field among other heroes is bound to be a sight. Given Blade is more of a cynical and mysterious figure, we’re curious to see how that will be relayed in The Abbey.


2) Nico Minoru

Initially the leader of the group called the Runaways, Nico Mioru is a witch who wields the powerful weapon called the Staff of One. This requires her to rely on blood magic and provide blood as a sacrifice for it’s use, as it is the only thing that sustains the use of the staff. She is shown in the trailer using it in tandem with Dr. Strange to wake up The Hunter, the warrior child of Lilith. The use of blood magic alone relays to the occult nature of her abilities and as the daughter of two dark wizards, she fits in smoothly with the rest of the team.

1) The Hunter

The Hunter is a brand new character created specifically for Midnight Suns, and is the child of the Mother of Demons, Lilith. They defeated her in a battle centuries prior, and has been awakened to help put her down again. While they are depicted as female in the reveal trailer, it appears that in game this character will be extremely customizable and gives you the option to make them male or female. Along with being able to choose their gender, you’ll be able to sort between 40 different powers to grant them,  and forge bonds with the characters you put on your Midnight Suns team. Creating a character that’s meant to be based around the player was a great move by Firaxis, and allows for a much more engaging experience.

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