Tower of Fantasy: All New Bosses, Gameplay and Challenges in Version 2.4

Tower of Fantasy’s new update, Under the Grand Sea, is fast approaching, and you may want to know a few key details! While a new Simulacra and a new chapter of the main story might make you lose focus, you may also want to know about bosses, gameplay elements, and challenges. So, if you want to learn more about what awaits you in the Grand Sea, follow this guide detailing all-new bosses, gameplay, and challenges in Tower of Fantasy Version 2.4.

All New Bosses, Gameplay, and Challenges in Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy bosses haboela

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.4 Under the Grand Sea will have two new world bosses you can test your skills against. The first boss is called Abyssant: Scylla. You can find this boss near the Upper-Level Island in the Breeze. As Wanderers may already know, advanced technology can be found in all corners of the planet Aida. As such, the Abyssant Scylla, which has five “Drumheads,” can change its stats with different skills and traits.

Our next world boss is called Abyssant: Haboela. It resides in the underwater Dragons Breath Volcano.  This boss uses the heat waves from the volcano to charge itself and deal flame damage with lava. So, if you don’t want to get burned, use an elemental attack to prevent it from charging back up!

Tower of Fantasy New Gameplay 

tower of fantasy new gameplay

Tower of Fantasy is known for listening to what its Wanderers want and need. With regard to underwater exploration, Tower of Fantasy has optimized its mission requirements and reduced the difficulty in getting rewards. Not only is this a great change, but they have also increased the mission rewards. 

These added elements include: 

  • Fortress Combat Engine 
  • Fortress Tactics Eyepiece Shard
  • Fortress Microreactor Shard
  • Fortress Exoskeleton Shard

Tower of Fantasy New Challenges

tower of fantasy new challenge

Let’s not forget about the new challenges Tower of Fantasy Version 2.4 will bring. One of these challenges includes a new Instance called the Ring of Oblivion. In this new Instance, you will need a team of eight to fight and defeat the Abyssant Eva. Periodically, Wanderers will be inflicted with debuffs, specifically positive and negative currents. During the battle, there will be various colors that represent the currents. They are Red for Positive current, Blue for Negative current, and Green for Dissipation

Wanderers will also have a new, revamped Sequential Phantasm. The Entrance to Mind will now consist of four stages, each with its own corresponding elements. This challenge will reset each season, and each stage will be tallied separately with its own rewards.

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