Trailer for Platformer Gris Earns Almost 50K Views on First Day

Developer Nomada Studios dropped the trailer for their upcoming platformer Gris on Monday, earning an astonishing 49,000 plus views within the first day alone. It’s not hard to see why:

(By the way, not bad for your first game ever as a studio.)

Gris follows the life of its titular character, a young girl who is struggling with a painful experience in her life. The whimsical realm that Gris navigates in the trailer is supposed to be a manifestation of her sorrow. Her dress grants her new abilities that will allow her to progress through the world. As the player learns more about Gris, she gains a better understanding of herself and how to control her emotions.

Gris is meant to be more of a casual gaming experience that will be “free of danger, frustration or death.” As written on the Steam page, “Players will explore a meticulously designed world brought to life with delicate art, detailed animation, and an elegant original score.”Gris screenshot

Reactions to the trailer so far have been overwhelmingly positive. One user said, “This may be another hollow knight with that incredible animation,” while a few others mentioned how it was like a 2D Journey. Several commented on how beautiful and fluid the animation was. “Devolver Digital doesn’t publish video games,” one user stated. “They publish PLAYABLE ART.”

But not every reaction to the trailer drop was positive. Some were upset about how there isn’t a PS4 version yet and wanted to know about if and when they could expect to grab a copy.

Released on the same day is a video by GameSpot containing the first twenty minutes of gameplay for Gris. See below:

The full game will be released for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam this December. To learn more about the game, follow Nomada Studios on Twitter, or visit the game’s official website.

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