Treyarch Outline Two Key Characters In Black Ops: Cold War

In a blog post from Treyarch, the co-creators, (alongside Raven Software), of the forthcoming Call Of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War, provide details into two new characters in critical roles to the Black Ops sequel.

The first is Russell Adler. All in all, he’s a bit of a mystery. Before joining the CIA in 1966, his past is “known only to a few within Langley.” Adler joined the CIA in 1966, and within a year, was assigned to the MACV-SOG unit in Vietnam. There, he investigated Soviet activity.

The lead writer at Raven Software, Murray Kraft, describes Adler as “a mysterious CIA operative called in for some of the most difficult assignments.”

Following his tenure in Vietnam, Adler disappeared from the CIA’s radar entirely, but shares connections to a handful of covert operations. He’s fluent in Russian, German, commands a “mastery of espionage” with a “deep knowledge of covert tactics,” according to the description.

The post teases events in 1981, with Adler takes a team to Amsterdam to investigate a lead.

Then we have Helen Park. At the age of 16, she joined Oxford, working on a doctorate in international relations before her brother is injured in an IRA attack. She drops out of the program and begins to study “the origins and motivations of international para-military organizations,” which in turn leads her to join MI6.


Murray Kraft describes Park as “methodical by nature, and at times believes Adler is making snap decisions.” Despite this, Park and Adler respect one another. Later down the line, Park is assigned to protect two British scientists, before later meeting Adler at a CIA location.

Last week’s Gamescom Opening Night Live showcased a short cinematic into Black Ops: Cold War. The briefing covers a timeline of Perseus’ movements, from stolen information connected to the Manhattan Project, an attempt to steal a nuclear weapon, and, most recently, the intelligence of an imminent attack on the West.

Present in the room includes General Hague, Woods, Mason, and Russell Adler. Ronald Reagan later authorizes a mission to locate and take down the suspected Russian spy, as Mr. Adler gives a stark warning of the threat Perseus presents.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War is due for release on November 13, 2020. A worldwide multiplayer event is scheduled for September 9.

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