Twitter Post Hints At GTA 5 Appearance On Epic Games Store

A tweet appears to confirm that Grand Theft Auto 5 will free until May on the Epic Games Store. After the original tweet was deleted, implying it was released to the public prematurely, it was subsequently reposted by Twitter user Wario64.

This follows GTA 5’s recent stint with the Xbox Game Pass. Now, it appears Rockstar’s critically acclaimed title will be a free giveaway via the store’s giveaway program. 

Elsewhere, according to a Reddit post, a screenshot was shared indicating that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may soon appear on the Epic Games Store. The screenshot shows the title of the Epic Games Store. Since then, the game was removed from the website.

The store page URL is the biggest clue that this news is genuine, and that at some point soon, The Witcher 3 may become available.

Of course, what remains uncertain is whether or not The Witcher 3 will be given away for free like GTA 5.

Recently, Grand Theft Auto Online bought back the Alien Survival Series and Peyote plants, first seen during Halloween 2019. Last year, the alien survival mode ran within Grand Theft Auto 5 for a limited time only, consisting of seven survival modes in which armed aliens were scattered around the map.

The Peyote plants cause you to hallucinate as various animals, one of which is Bigfoot. Once a player exits the mode, they’ll respawn at a hospital, and will be awarded RP.

Meanwhile, on GTA Online, as part of a viral Green and Purple Martian fight, the developers announced last week they’d be giving away the bodysuits for free.

Plus, a proposed ‘alien war’ is due to go down at Los Santos Airport tomorrow, as announced via a Reddit post urging players to spread the message.

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