Ubisoft recently released Wild Arena Survivors, a mobile battle royale game. The game appears to hold a secret however, as it is actually an abandoned Far Cry mobile game. The news was broken by mobilegamer.biz and their sources, so big thanks to those guys. The original report can be found here.

The source told mobilegamer.biz that the game was originally called Far Cry: Wild Call. Remnants of the original identity can still found, especially with the in-game competition being known as the ‘Wild Call Festival’. Wild Arena Survivors‘ setting is also heavily inspired by Far Cry 6‘s Yara, a fictional Cuba-inspired island.

Wild Arena Survivors screenshot
Early impressions of the game note the similarities between Far Cry and Wild Arena Survivors.

The game had the Far Cry branding removed as a test. Had it succeeded and gained popularity, the Far Cry branding would have added to the game. Unsurprisingly however it has struggled to find success, with incredibly little marketing or fanfare. Ubisoft posted the only trailer last week, with the video doubling as both a reveal and a launch trailer. Who knew that a single CGI trailer wasn’t enough to sell a game?

There are lessons to be learned from the failed launch according to the source, with Ubisoft still seeing the game as valuable for what it can teach about releasing a realtime multiplayer mobile game. More mobile announcements are expected from Ubisoft Forward 2022, which we have plenty of details on already.

Have you tried Wild Arena Survivors? Would you be more inclined to had it used the Far Cry name? Let us know in the comments below, and for more gaming news keep your eyes on GameLuster.

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