Warzone 2 – Battle Rage And Dead Silence Exploit Rumbled

An exploit in Warzone 2 had allowed players to receive unlimited field upgrades – until Warzone’s developer Raven Software took notice of the issue and shut down the Battle Rage and Dead Silence perks as the studio investigates the problem. The exploit was pinned to the developer’s online Trello board yesterday (December 2) before Raven confirmed via a social media post that they had “temporarily disabled Battle Rage and Dead Silence in-game while we investigate an issue.”

The studio has been light on details surrounding the issue, but as evidenced with gameplay shared to YouTube, the problem has become increasingly prevalent in the last few days. The exploit is surprisingly easy to activate, only requiring the player to fill their backpack, drop two items onto the ground, use any field upgrade they so wish before attempting to drop the empty field upgrade slot.

The bug then provides players with either of the following two perks: an unlimited supply of Battle Rage – a perk that offers players fast healing and endless sprint, or secondly, Dead Silence, a perk that silences a player’s footsteps for the rest of a game, giving the player a significant advantage if they know how to play it right. In pairs, players could potentially activate both field upgrades at the same time, which would seemingly give them the best chance to win a match together.

As Raven investigates the exploit, there’s no official word on when the perks will return to Warzone 2 or how long the glitch has been active in the battle royale. One would think long enough for the studio to take note of the problem, but the response seems to have been quite fast and sudden.

What perks are you using in Warzone 2? Are you part of the record-breaking Modern Warfare II launch? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news and the latest Call of Duty coverage.

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