Warzone Streamers Set New Quads World Record With 162 Kills

Call Of Duty: Warzone squad has set a new world record of 162 kills in a single match. Led by American Warzone streamer Aydan “Aydan” Conrad, his team of four splits into duos to compete in a 2v2 $500 kill race match. You can watch the world-record match via Aydan’s Twitch channel, and skip to the nine-hour, twenty-three-minute mark.

Let’s put this world record into context. The previous quads world record of 143 kills was set in January 2021 by TheMylesLive, JerK, ScummN, and Stukawaki. This tally preceded an equally impressive record attained by Vikkstar and his team, (138), in May 2020. Putting the number into context, Aydan and his crew racked up more kills than the lobby had players, which maxes at 150.

Confirming the new squad world record in a Twitter post, seen above, Aydan shared a screenshot of the final kill tally for each member of his team. Aydan snatched 47 kills, followed by Almond (46), FluffyHippo1927 (36), and Newbz (33). “This will NEVER be broken…,” he captioned the post. 

It’s true when they say fortune favors the brave, as Aydan was bested on the battlefield twice, defeating an opponent in the Gulag before his team later revives him. It’s sometime later into the match that they realize they have a chance to beat the world record. 

In the dying moments of the match, as Aydan and his crew sit on 161 kills, one last player remains on the battlefield. Cheekily, Aydan’s team even drop cash next at a buy station, in the hope the last man standing player will buy back his team. In doing so, the world record could have reached 165 kills. 

However, the player doesn’t bite, and Aydan’s team cleans up to make it 162 kills and claim an unforgettable victory. Considering Aydan’s team smashed the previous world record by 19 kills, it’d take something special to beat 162. 

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