A Warzone Lobby Crashed The Game By Blowing Up Vehicles

Recently, a Warzone lobby of 136 players, led by streamer MarleyThirteen, agreed to a ceasefire and together collaborated to create the “biggest explosion Verdansk has ever seen”. The clip below is well worth a watch. Once all players had dropped into the match, Marley’s team set to work to complete as many recon contracts as they could. In doing so, they’d be able to map where ground zero would be, to help those in the game and those watching Marley’s stream.

The rest of the lobby were tasked with locating every vehicle they could find on the map and bring them to a pre-determined location. They’d also need to grab as much cash as possible to purchase cluster strikes. With all the vehicles in one place, letting the missiles fall would trigger a huge chain of explosions.

However, there were some kinks in the plan. On the first attempt, a player made the unfortunate, but genuine mistake of calling in their cluster strike too early, causing some vehicles to explode prematurely. The second on the airport runway failed due to the vehicles becoming damaged, which again caused an early chain reaction of explosions. The third try took place downtown.

Recons were completed, vehicles were carefully amassed, and with the entire lobby watching, players called in their cluster strikes. The explosions were spectacular to watch, and too much for the server to handle, as the game subsequently crashed and brought up a notification screen that read: server snapshot error.

Jokingly, MarleyThirteen described the chain reaction as the “actual Verdansk nuke”, referring to the end-of-season event that’ll wipe Verdansk off the map. For more Warzone-related hilarity, check out a Redditor’s unique take on Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ in a montage of car-related kills from the battle royale.

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