Wasteland 3 Has Been Delayed Until August

A number of upcoming games have been delayed due to complications related to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The latest to join this group is InXile Entertainment’s post-apocalyptic role-playing title Wasteland 3.

Initially, Wasteland 3 was scheduled for release on May 19, 2020. It has now been announced with an updated release date of August 28. Producer Brian Fargo announced the delay on the official Wasteland Twitter on March 31. He cited difficulties related to social distancing and working from home as the reason for the postponement. He reassured fans that the additional months of development will be spent “acting on Beta feedback and suggestions, optimization, polishing and refinements, and making sure we have an awesome co-op experience”.

Fans of the Wasteland series are not unfamiliar with waiting. Following its initial announcement in September 2016, Wasteland 3 was crowd-funded using the Fig platform, where fans eagerly purchased early copies, collectors’ editions, and even the opportunity to design an item or NPC in the game. The game raised over $3 million and was eventually picked up by publisher Deep Silver. One of the tiers available for purchase was access to the game’s beta, which was released earlier in March 2020.

The Wasteland 3 beta received generally positive feedback. Fans and critics praised the game’s all-new setting of frigid, frozen post-apocalyptic Colorado – a stark contrast from Wasteland 2’s featured location, the scalding hot Arizona desert.

New features promised for Wasteland 3 include vehicles, a revamped action system, and a story-based multiplayer mode which allows you to explore the setting alongside your friends. It will also include a dialog tree featuring a number of deep moral choices with serious, lasting effects. Players will be able to take command of a Ranger’s Base and assume a leadership role among their fellow settlers and survivors.

Wasteland 3 will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. It will also be available as part of the Xbox Game Pass program.

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