Sony Announces $100 Million Global COVID-19 Relief Fund

As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the world, humanity has come together to support one another. Many game developers have contributed in the form of dropping surprise announcements, publishing encouraging messages of support, and even offering free games.

Today, the Sony Corporation (which includes Sony Interactive Entertainment, which is responsible for the PlayStation line of consoles) made an official press release discussing relief efforts. During this release, they unveiled plans to give $100 million towards efforts related to curing the novel coronavirus, treating those affected, and supporting medical and education professionals.

$10 million of the announced amount will go directly to key organizations working to combat COVID-19, including UNICEF, Medicines Sans Frontieres, and the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Other funds will be donated to first responder efforts to combat the virus, members of the entertainment industry, and teachers and students.

In addition, Sony hopes to use its existing technology resources to support students and educators. With schools all over the world closed and turning to online-based “virtual learning,” the education industry has been experiencing significant struggles. Sony wishes to help students continue to receive an ongoing education even in these difficult times.

The press release concluded with a statement from Kenichiro Yoshida, the CEO of Sony. He expressed concern for the creative industry, especially those working in “music, pictures, games, and animation.” He also offered his support to “the individuals on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19, the children who are our future, and those who have been impacted in creative communities.”

Sony is far from the only company in the gaming industry which has contributed to the relief effort. Nintendo has made a donation of 10,000 respirator masks to healthcare professionals, while CD Projekt RED has tossed approximately $1 million worth of coins towards fighting the spread of the virus in Poland.

Don’t forget that you can help too! Stay home, wash your hands and engage in self-care activities such as playing your favorite games.

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