Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: All Chapter 2 Requests Guide

There are four Requests that Yuma Kokohead and his partner Shinigami can complete in Chapter 2 of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. Some of them even let him catch up with suspects from previous cases! You MUST complete these Requests BEFORE infiltrating Aetheria Academy for Chapter 2’s main investigation, as you cannot return to them later. This guide will cover how to solve all four Requests in Rain Code’s second chapter and earn tons of Detective Points!

Kanai Ward’s Underbelly

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As soon as Yuma exits the Nocturnal Detective Agency in Chapter 2, there will be a Man slumped against a shipping crate on the Riverbank. Talk to the Man and he will ask Yuma to take a memory stick filled with confidential information to a reporter. Unfortunately, you’ll need to chase the reporter around Kanai Ward, as you’ll arrive at several locations only to learn he has moved on.

In order, the locations you need to visit – speaking to a marked NPC at each – are:

  • Clocktower
  • Mansion
  • Art Gallery (Ginma District)
  • Secret Club (Kamasaki District)

Once you finally arrive at the Secret Club, the reporter will be there – but he will refuse to accept the memory stick. Return to the Man to share the bad news. Unfortunately, the Man will already be gone, but you will still be able to complete the Request and earn Detective Points.

A Gift For The Girl

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Head to Kanai Station to find a Suspicious-Looking Man lurking around. Talk to the man and he will ask Yuma to buy him a gift for his girlfriend. Yuma figures that rain gear would be a good gift, given that it always rains in Kanai Ward. Visit the Rainwear Shop on the upper-level walkways of Kamasaki District and talk to the shop owner.

Sadly, the shop owner doesn’t have good news – the man’s girlfriend has passed away, and he is refusing to process the information. When you return to the man, you can choose to tell him the truth or keep the truth hidden – you will successfully complete the Request either way.

Lending The Church A Hand

Request2 7

When Yuma visits the Church, he learns from speaking to the Nun that they are behind on answering citizens’ questions because of the Priest’s arrest. Although Yuma is reluctant to help out, the Nun pressures him into doing so, as he was responsible for the Priest’s arrest. There are four people Yuma needs to talk to. Their locations and the correct answers to their questions are:

  • Irked Woman on the stairs leading to the Church (Answer: Coffee)
  • Drowsy Man on the main street of Kamasaki District (Answer: Something Unseen)
  • Cheerful Woman on the second level walkway of Kamasaki District (Answer: Creator)
  • Hurrying Man near the art gallery in Ginma (Answer: Lei-Nine)

After visiting all four people, return to the Nun to claim your reward. If you got every question right, you will receive a whopping 100 Detective Points for your effort.

Save The Servant

Request2 6

In an alleyway in Kamasaki District, the Servant from the church is being attacked by several thugs. When the thugs leave, he’ll ask Yuma what to do. Select “Make an accusation.” However, instead of doing that, the Servant decides he will go visit a “wizard” he has heard about. Choose to See the Wizard with him and learn that the wizard is – unsurprisingly! – a total scam.

The Servant is convinced that the wizard will make him stronger. When he asks you about it, respond with a question of your own: “Would you really get stronger?” This will allow you to complete the Request and earn the maximum number of Detective Points.

That’s all four of the Requests Yuma can complete for the citizens of Kanai Ward in Chapter 2. If you are looking for help with other areas of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, you can check out GameLuster’s other guides. Solve every Mystery Labyrinth, collect every Memory Shard, and more in Spike Chunsoft’s latest detective adventure!

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