What Is Your Favorite Indie Browser Game? Top 2022

Are you looking for a hooking indie online game? We’ve analyzed different adventures and gaming websites to compile a list of the best. Check them out, and have fun!

2021 was a hard year, with the beginning of 2022 witnessing no less turbulent events. Difficult as it is, some may struggle with overwhelming anxiety and feel over-stressed. There are several ways to cope with it, such as physical activities, psychological counseling, etc. But gaming is one of the most successful methods to get distracted. Let the building up steam off by doing something exciting in the digital world. If you’re a fan of AAA and award-winning hits, check out this list.

But this article covers the category of an indie browser game. The market of such video adventures has been on the rise in recent years. There are lots of genres: RPGs, puzzles, beautiful open-world toys with great stories, simulators, etc. Kids, teenagers, and adults always find something to their liking. However, picking a title from such an ocean can take ages. A tip: use ready-made lists to skip the hard work of looking for good options.

The great news is that we’ve rounded up such a top to guide you. Free to play, no download, and the best ever (or very close to it)… The following 2D and 3D titles are sure to hook most users.

Free Indie Games Online



One of the most popular multiplayer arenas welcomes you with its mechanics and competitive atmosphere. It’s surely inspired by such legends as Agar.io. But instead of a circle, here you become a well-drawn warrior. With no clothes or decent weapons in the first seconds of gameplay, you’ll improve. Eat shining spheres, level up, and see a quick transformation into a more dangerous fighter. You’ll grow and get better armor and weapons.

The gameplay is based on fighting and dodging attacks from huge opponents. It’s not easy to do, with enemies coming from all directions. The agenda is to stay alive as long as you can. But even the highest level doesn’t guarantee your safety. Others can still kill you if you’re not fast enough. So, move a lot and survive the challenge.



This intense FPS will be considered the best of the decade for a long time. Blocky graphics, various maps, and the focus on the action make it a cool journey. It feels and plays like a top-notch AAA title that’s available through a browser.

It’s not necessary to log in to experience fast-paced matches. But if you do, you’ll get greater customization options. Besides, a shop with weapons and other items will be unlocked for you to explore. And the best part about the toy is that you can invite friends. Copy a link to the battle and send it for others to join.



First released in 2017, this top-down shooter still feels fresh and in demand. It’s based on the fast reaction and clever moves against real opponents. The whole map is a schematic visualization of a military training area. Although all elements are marked as squares and rectangles, you can use them as cover. Hide behind them to avoid damage and attack enemies when they least expect it.

The first-timers need to know the following things to be more competitive:

  • The gray zone is a bad area to cross. It’s toxic and will quickly drain your HP.
  • Don’t stand still and learn to aim while moving. If you freeze, you become an easy target for opponents.
  • Try customization options. There are different guns and armor: the thicker it is, the more hits you’ll survive. But it makes your way slower.

Scuffed Uno


A board game Uno is one of the most popular entertainment options for a party. Such attention inspired developers to create digital versions. And while downloadable alternatives exist on the market, browser-based ones are rare. This challenge hosts up to 4 participants per match: either bots or real people. Taking turns, contestants make moves and try to get rid of all cards.

There are several cool features to mention:

  • Before all the players are gathered, one has to wait a bit. A built-in chat allows everyone to communicate before the round begins.
  • You can enjoy the match with your friends. Enter a public room or create your own and copy the invite link.

StabFish 2


The adventure presents eat-and-grow mechanics. As one of the sea predators, you swim underwater and look for colorful dots to eat. This makes you bigger and allows you to challenge opponents of higher levels. Instead of teeth, you’ll use a sharp horn that grows from your skull. Hurt others with it or stab it right through their bodies!

It’s worth studying the variety of nice characters available. This will influence your evolution path. Each has their own stats and bonuses. For example, a Great White Shark can recover 50% of its stamina by eating fish. Discover what other beasts are capable of! Enjoy the challenge on its own indie game website.



This PC toy may seem off-the-wall, but it’s only a first impression. As you launch the title, you’ll find yourself on a strange map. Divided into cells, it is yours to conquer! Pick one of the 4 units available and occupy the free spaces with your color. Some of them are just protection, while others can generate automatic income. Use it to expand your territories.

The trickiest part is that you’re not alone. Your rivals are doing the same, trying to become more advanced than you are. When they reach you, they’ll try to get to your core cell and destroy you. Be the first to strike, but make sure your construction is ready for the conflict.

Downfall Battlegrounds


Set in the apocalyptic digital world, the title is zombie-filled mayhem. Loot crates for meds and elixirs and use stealth mechanics. Although it doesn’t have hard-as-nails combat, some lose when they try to survive in this hell. Follow these tips to improve your chances of staying alive:

  1. Use your bullets wisely. They’re limited, but you can find more in crates.
  2. Zombies start chasing you when they see you. Wandering around, you may gather a huge crowd. But the creatures are dumb: once they lose you from sight, they freeze. Use this weakness to your advantage.
  3. Study what the elixirs can do. Some make you invisible; others increase your speed several times. Drink them in critical situations and escape death.

There is only a single-player mode available: the multiplayer will be released soon.



It’s another fast-paced and violent shooter. When you first enter the match, everything seems too chaotic. With enemies coming from every direction, it’s hard to stay alive in the first seconds. But with experience comes understanding: moving all the time is the key to survival.

One can find lots of servers and rooms to join. If you like someone to back you, go for a team mode. In case you’re an independent loner, launch a regular deathmatch. Just get primed for blood-driven sound and visual effects. And improve your shooting skills in combat.



A top list with no toy about a snake will feel incomplete. Instead of adding the all-known and famous Slither.io, we’ve decided to show you something new. Control a glowing character in Gulper on a dark-themed map. Consume shining blobs and grow. The bigger you are, the higher position you get in the rating.

It’s meditating and highly competitive at the same time. As always, tricking others and forcing them to bump into you is the best strategy. All because it’s the most successful way to boost your growth. Enjoy the multiplayer and dive in for a couple of rounds.



This is a crazy and funny computer adventure that unites driving and shooting concepts. Controlling a small car, you move over the map and collect boxes. They hide different weapons: dynamite, bullets, etc. The goal is to be the first to grab and use them against enemies.

Bright graphics and audio effects are what captured the hearts and minds of so many. As in most multiplayers, there are a lot of maps to dive into. But before you do, customize your character to look special. Become a cute monkey, rabbit, frog, etc. Unlock a better vehicle and use other features to perfect your gameplay.

Summing Up

Many people rate these titles as the best of all time. Play free indie games online in the freeware mode and keep up with the current trends. The first three are already famous veterans. While the rest are new and promising adventures. They have all the chances of pushing today’s hits away from their top ratings. Just wait for it.

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