Why Any Nintendogs Game Is Good

Being born in 1999, Nintendogs 2005 release made it a great childhood game for me. There were many pet simulation games, such as Dogz for the Game Boy Advance and Purr Pals for the Nintendo DS; however, these games do not compare to the powerful Nintendogs.

The speaking feature, where the player had to use the microphone, was genius. The microphone ability made the game even more realistic in training your dog. At the beginning of the game, the player has to repeat the dog’s name until he or she learns it fully. Throughout the game, you can use the microphone asset to teach your dog tricks, such as sitting or rolling over.

Taking your dog on a walk and earning gifts during it was the highlight of the game. The more you walked overall, the farther distance you could take your dog. The park and pet stores were just some of the places you could go to meet other dogs or to please your dog.

Along with taking your dog on a walk, you could go to training parks to train your dog for contests like agility or frisbee. Earning money from these competitions was how I got better houses and accessories for my dogs.

Yes, you can have multiple dogs, some in the hotel and some in your house. This is great for indecisive players that want all the breeds offered such as Labradors, poodles, and chihuahuas. The variety of dogs makes the game more enjoyable for picky players or people that remake their real dogs in the game.

The best part of the series is the fact that it is a pet simulation. It is realistic and mobile, so you can take your dogs anywhere with you and feel like you own one and take care of one without actually possessing one or having to pay for one. Animals are important, and for kids to enjoy them at a young age and grow up learning how to take care of them is special.

There are way more qualities to the Nintendogs series, but the core of it is its heart and how it becomes realistic for players.

Image courtesy wikiHow.com

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