Why Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be better than Battlefield 1

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  1. sergio says:

    this is dumb you just contradicted yourself saying the cod campaign is good yet no one even plays the campaign and they go straight to multiplayer. The only good thing about this is the modern warfare remaster where the game actually goes back to regular warfare and people are not jumping 50 feet in the air to quick scope you from across the map and all the other insanely dumb little trick s that they added because they think its fun or trying to make this into some kind of halo wannabe crap.

  2. xam5000hehe says:

    What a dumbass fucking article.

  3. BevizBtted says:

    Infinite Warfare has no principles and serves no purpose. it exists solely to be a milk-job. Activision has been forcing developers to stay on the futuristic bandwagon and now we have Infinite Warfare. There would be nothing wrong with an experimental COD space game if it came in between another setting. This is the equivalent of Jason X (friday the 13th in space) or Hellraiser in Space. Its when the creators begin to be mentally bankrupt and run out of ideas. How would you like a Halo game set in World War 2? Seems stupid, doesn’t it? I want to like COD. I really want to like it. But I can’t get on board with Infinite Warfare. Its nothing more than a rip off of every other trendy FPS game, such as Titanfall with the robots. Please don’t talk about zombies either. The zombies are goofy and lack any bit of the original horror or mythologies that it was tied to in the original Treyarch games. This Infinity Ward is not the original Infinity Ward. They left after Modern Warfare 2. This is a hodgepodge of developers simply taking orders from Activision and milking the franchise for whatever they can. Sorry, but BF1 actually has purpose. It actually has principle. Infinite Warfare will only be better for die-har

    1. BevizBtted says:

      Infinite Warfare will only be better for die-hard fanboys who are delusional no matter what. There is a real stigma attached to Infinite Warfare. This goes beyond the bubble-bias that has existed in certain segments of the gaming community. This is a real stigma that is causing the perception of lameness even to casual gamers. This is a lot different than people saying in the past So and So game is a COD killer. That was bubble logic. This stigma is real and you can’t hide from it.

  4. BillyHoWCR says:

    Zombies as a reason for it to be considered better? Really??

  5. Luke says:

    Battlefield does run at 60 fps. Battlefield has its glitches sometimes, yes, but their servers are also very good, and I can honestly say I have always had connectivity problems with Call of Duty. Also Call of Duty campaigns have been trash for the past couple. BO1 was alright, MW1 and 2 were good, and WAW was really good, but any since then have been awful, and yes I have played them all.

  6. Barry Harden says:

    I whole heatedly agree with the author. There is something fundamentally different about the two titles when it comes to FPS game play. Battlefield’s multiplayer is just too slow and doesn’t have feel for a quick FPS game. You’re either in the mood for long conquests in Battlefield or short “get in and kill” CoD matches but not both.

    Heck even the pre-order numbers tell you that Infinite Warfare is in much higher demand than Battlefield.

    1. Tony says:

      Preorder numbers have nothing to with higher demands. If you look at charts and multiple websites about statistical data then you would be one to probably not think so subjectively on what you had just stated.

  7. RespectA says:

    You must be high

  8. Onodle says:

    “However, the sheer addiction of levelling up … and unlocking camos from Call of Duty’s multiplayer from Call of Duty’s multiplayer will have me playing for hours on end.”

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  9. YOUDIEMOFO says:

    Wholly hell……..this is one stuuuuuuuuupid ass article. Speculation at best, but such bias it is almost sickening.

    Bugs and glitches in battlefield games…..?! HAHAHAHAHA nice! So sad. So stupidly sad. Just hang up the journalism act “E Rap!” Sad man…..so sad.!

  10. Anthony M. says:

    How old are you? More of the younger generation plays Call of Duty games, as you get older you kind of want a change up, so therefore you would get into battlefield. You’ll want more stuff to do instead of running around on small maps getting killed by every killstreak every two seconds. Unless if you are just an adult who is still rather immature and doesn’t know how to think objectively about things rather than be so subjective as you are being in this article, then of course, you would be considered as an immature adult.

  11. Alex says:

    So you say that one of the reasons Infinite warfare will be better because it will have a good campaign, but then you later state that people don’t even play cod campaigns and go straight to the multiplayer.

    God you’re a fucking idiot