Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an action-adventure fighting game that allows players to take on the role of ancient Chinese warriors. The game has a wide variety of weapons that players can use, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty weapons guide, we will be listing all of the different weapon types available in the game. We will also be giving some tips on which weapons are the best to use in different situations.

What Are The Different Weapon Types in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Wo long weapon

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty offers players a wide range of different weapon types to choose from. These include melee weapons such as swords, axes, spears, and staves. There are also ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be a weapon to suit your needs!


In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Bows are a type of ranged weapon. They provide increased mobility by allowing the wielder to aim and fire without restrictions, as well as quicker nocking speed for more frequent shooting. However, this comes at the cost of lower overall damage output. There are four types of Bows available in the game, including:

  • Bamboo Bow
  • Feathered Cavalry Bow
  • Tiger Hunting Bow
  • Flying General’s Bow


Crossbows are also a ranged weapon in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Their powerful output allows you to eliminate some foes in one shot, provided you can handle their cumbersomeness and avoid retaliation while reloading. Alongside Bows, they provide additional damage potential on top of your regular loadout and are ideal for situations where precision aiming is needed to take out the enemy. Plus, you can disrupt large groups before they become aware of your presence. 

There are only two types of Crossbow available in the game:

  • Bamboo Crossbow
  • Yellow-Shouldered Crossbow

Repeating Crossbows

Repeating Crossbows are a viable ranged weapon in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This compact and rapid-firing weapon provides a swift means of engaging in long-ranged combat and taking out multiple enemies very quickly. They have relatively low range compared to other ranged weapons, but their fast fire rate can be invaluable when facing groups of opponents. Players who prefer quick and agile play styles may greatly benefit from using Repeating Crossbows. 

There are only two types of Repeating Crossbows available in Wo Long:

  • Bamboo Repeating Crossbow
  • Colonel Repeating Crossbow


Hammers are melee weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, ideal for those who prefer the high-risk, high-reward approach to combat. They have a short range and can deliver heavy blows with tremendous force. Hammers will be a good choice for players who embrace a slower playstyle, as their lower speed puts them at risk of being countered. The game has five different types of Hammer, such as:

  • Great Club of Polaris
  • Great Wooden Hammer
  •  Master Smith Hammer
  • Quake Griffin Hammer
  • Wolf Fang Club

Straight Sabres

Curved Sabres

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Curved Sabres are a one-handed bladed melee weapon. Compared to other bladed weapons, they have a slightly better performance against multiple combatants and a wider range of sweeping slashes. This extra versatility comes at the cost of reduced reach when attacking enemies. Here are some Curved Sabres available in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty:

  • Drought Demon Blade
  • Podao
  •  Qiang Scimitar
  • Guding Blade

Dual Halberds

The Dual Halberds are a form of melee weapon found in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This two-handed weapon provides players with an agile fighting style that emphasizes both combos and movement. Due to the sweeping reach of their attacks, the Dual Halberds are well-suited for easily taking on groups of enemies at once. The game has five different types of Dual Halberds, including:

  • Dual Halberds Of Lady Hao
  • Dual Marquis Halberds
  • Dual Reaper Halberds
  • Tiger Fang Dual Halberds
  • Dual Rooster-Crowing Halberds

Dual Sabres

Dual Sabres are a viable Melee Weapon for those looking for close-range combat in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. These twin blades provide versatility with a range of swift attacks, including slashes and spinning strikes. This alloww the user to respond quickly to whatever battle may come their way. Boasting high speed and control, Dual Sabres offer a fast and fluid combat style ideal for gamers who prefer quick and dynamic action. The game has three types of Dual Sabres:

  • Hook Blades of King Helu
  • Hundred Forged Sabres
  • Mounted Bandit Scimitars

Dual Swords

Dual Swords are among the fastest weapons available in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Although they don’t offer particularly high damage, these weapons can deal multiple small strikes in quick succession. Dual Swords are especially effective against enemies with slower attacks or combo chains, making it easier to stop them abruptly. There are four types of Dual Swords available, including:

  • Bronze Dual Swords
  • Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords
  • Gan Jiang And Mo Ye
  • Pair Swords of Aspiration

Polearm Podao


Glaives are another melee weapon in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. They provide players with the ability to fend off multiple opponents at once. They excel at medium ranges due to their sizable reach; however, they can be more challenging than other weapons when up against quicker enemies. Players can expect slow but powerful strikes delivered in wide arcs when using a Glaive. Here are some available Glaives in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty:

  • Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive
  • Curve-Headed Glaive
  • Polearm Podao
  • Triumphant Conquest


In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Halberds offer an effective combat option for strategically-inclined players. This weapon is a combination of spear and axe, with a long stick featuring a large blade at the end. They offer medium-range reach, which makes them well-suited for difficult enemies that need to be approached cautiously. As part of the melee weapon class, they are prominently used to inflict damage upon foes and bosses during battle. Here are some available Halberds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty:

  • Bronze Halberd
  • Cavalry Halberd
  • Sky-Piercing Halberd


Poleaxes are one of the many melee weapons featured in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. They provide a well-rounded form of combat, combining evasive movements with powerful strikes from their large axe blades. Poleaxe attacks feature both thrusts and sweeping motions, enabling players to pierce enemy defenses or target multiple foes at once. For those looking for a versatile play style that offers mobility and power in equal measure, Poleaxes can be an excellent choice. The game has three types of Poleaxes:

  • Bronze Polearm
  • Guard Polearm
  • Vermilion Bird Greataxe

Slashing Spears 

Slashing Spears feature an extended reach compared to other weapons that allow players to deliver devastating slashing attacks from a distance. This makes a perfect choice for those who want the advantage of striking further away from their foes. Furthermore, Slashing Spears have traditional thrusting capabilities and a blade rather than just a tip, making them a highly versatile option for close-combat confrontation. Here are some available Slashing Spears in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty:

  • Bronze Spear
  • Invictus Serpent Spear
  • Iron Poled Snake Spear
  • Iron Spetum Spear
  • Spear of King Fuchai

Wo Long


Spears provide an excellent option for those who enjoy a more defensive and analytical playing style. These long, pointed weapons have a sharp tip at the end, offering players the ability to maneuver from safe positions and launch powerful attacks at enemies. Spears allow for an effective yet calculating approach to combat, boasting a greater reach than most other melee weapons. Take a look at the available Spears in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty:

  • Cavalry Spear
  • Heavy Cavalry Spear
  • Spear of the Hegemon King
  • Unparalleled Spear


A Staff is a versatile Melee Weapon. Despite its basic appearance and design, it has immense potential to perform amazing feats of speed, and range as well as effective counter-moves. There are around seven Staves available in the game, including:

  • Bronze Polearm Mace
  • Five-Colored Cudgel
  • Golden Staff of King Yufu
  • jade-Green Staff
  • Night Owl Cane
  • Soaring Ursine Mace
  • White Wooden Cudgel

Straight Sabres 

Straight Sabres are renowned for fast, wide-reaching slashes, as opposed to the classic plunging attack of the sword. With their versatile design, Straight Sabres can be quickly adapted to fit any fighting style. This makes them ideal for those looking for a reliable weapon in all kinds of confrontations. Here are some available Straight Sabres in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty:

  • Dire Tiger
  • Ring Pommel Sabre
  • Sirius


Swords offer a great combination of speed, power, and reach. They are designed for one-hand combat, using multiple vertical slashes and thrusts to control the battle space. There are around eight Swords available in the game, including:

  • Bronze Sword
  • Halo
  • Heaven’s Reliance
  • Iron Sword
  • Jade-Guarded Sword
  • Ritual Sword of Chaos
  • Saints Virtue
  • Sword of Yu the Great

That’s all of the weapon types available in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Which is your favorite weapon in the game? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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