PS5 Sales Are Booming Around The World

February was a big month for Sony and PlayStation 5. Week by week, we’ve seen more and more stories of PS5 sales success from different regions, and now we have a clearer picture of just how well the PS5 performed in February. It took a long time to get to this point, after console shortages and scalping hampered next-gen system availability, but it seems that after this slow start, we’re finally geared up to enter the next generation of gaming.

In Sony’s home country of Japan, the PS5 had the biggest sales leap of any region last month. Year-on-year, based on last February’s sales, PS5 sales rose an enormous 457% in Japan, whilst Switch sales dropped by 41%. We cover the Famitsu sales chart every Thursday here on GameLuster, and we’ve documented a weekly breakdown of these huge sales increases. The rising PS5 sales has also resulted in increased PS5 placements on the Famitsu charts, such as the #1 hit Hogwarts Legacy, the latest Like A Dragon game, and even EA’s newest release Wild Hearts

Hogwarts Legacy screenshot of students on a hippogriff
The magic of Hogwarts Legacy worked wonders for PS5 game sales.

Crossing the world over to Europe, PS5 sales figures catapulted 400% year-on-year, with Hogwarts Legacy being the fastest-selling non-FIFA game game in a generation on the continent. The information comes from, who note that stock shortages were particularly bad early last year, with this year offering considerable improvement to supply.

Getting more specific, the UK also had a PS5 sales spike last month, of 316% year-on-year. The Xbox Series line of systems only had a 15% rise year-on-year in the UK, still performing well but trailing behind the soaring success of the PS5. We’ll be continuing to track PS5 sales in Japan in our weekly Famitsu coverage, so check back tomorrow for more PS5 figures. We’re also hoping for global PS5 sales figures updates once Q1 wraps up.

Have you picked up a PS5? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news and sales data.

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