Xbox Games Showcase: New Look at Rare’s Everwild

Rare’s open-world adventure Everwild was first announced last November during an Inside Xbox event. Fans were immediately drawn to the game, especially the gorgeous cel-shaded art style, which drew comparisons to Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and other films from Japan’s Studio Ghibli.

It’s been a while since we got any updates on Everwild, but today’s all-digital Xbox event showed off a brand new trailer — and yes, the art is still gorgeous!

New information regarding Everwild came in the form of another cinematic trailer — meaning that, unfortunately, we don’t yet have a clear idea of how the game will play. What we do know is that the player characters will come from a group known as the “Eternals,” who can feel the rhythm of the world and are therefore tasked with maintaining the balance of nature.

The trailer hints that Everwild may involve both exploration and caring for the various fantastical creatures who inhabit this world. We see characters bonding with and training alongside different beasts, as well as seemingly casting a spell to heal an injured deer-like animal. While the first trailer last year hinted at darker secrets hiding within the game’s world and a possible need to battle some of these creatures, today’s announcement focused entirely on the harmony and positive relationships between man and beast.

As developer Rare is currently continuing to work on upcoming content for Sea of Thieves, it is unknown when Everwild will be released. It is now speculated that the game will release for Xbox One and PC, but might also see a “next-generation” release for the upcoming Xbox Series X console.

Which cute creature that was shown off in the new Everwild trailer was your favorite? Hoping to see some actual gameplay soon? Let us know!

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