Xbox One Finally Released in Japan

The Xbox One has finally been released in the third main region; Japan. Unlike the other main consoles, Microsoft chose to release their console rather late and focus on the North American market. Playstation and Nintendo released their consoles as soon as they could to take advantage of the diverse but large Japanese industry.


Microsoft’s consoles have usually lacked in sales and hype in the Japanese market, as companies like Sony and Nintendo cater to the Japanese gaming style. Although they are not expecting record breaking sales, Microsoft realizes that Japan has a great gaming industry and therefore they hope to bring the western games and style to the Japanese market. Japan is not the only country that is getting a release, and as Time says, it is important to the gaming industry to have an American company expanding.


The Xbox starts at around ¥40,000 or around 400 USD, which is a competitive price in any gaming market.



What do you think? Will Microsoft succeed in the Japanese market? Let us know in the comments below.

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