Xenoblade Chronicles X special edition coming to North America, more details to be announced soon

When it comes to releases from Nintendo of late North America seems to be getting the raw end of the stick. As the rest of the world sees special editions or earlier release dates, Americans seem to be forced to wait longer and receive less specials when the games finally launch. Just yesterday it was looking like this was going to be a similar case for Monolith Soft’s highly anticipated game Xenoblade Chronicles X, as Europe was announced to be receiving not one but two special editions, America seemed like it was missing out again. Although this concern was unfounded and it turns out Americans do have something special to look forward to.

Nintendo of America has made it known by Twitter that North Americans can look forward to seeing a similar special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X. As of yet it is unknown if North Americans will be seeing the same deal as Europeans though Nintendo does promise more details will come soon. Nintendo sent the following message:

Excited to announce an unique #Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition will be coming to the U.S. More details soon!


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