The Planet Crafter: How To Get & Use Uranium

Besides Iridum, you can also discover Uranium on this desolate planet. This rare mineral has a green color and emits a bright glow in the dark. If you want to know how to get and use Uranium in The Planet Crafter, our guide will tell you the best farming location.

The Planet Crafter Uranium Guide

For new players, the best way to get more Uranium is by finding Storage Crates during exploration. They appear as blue boxes, and they can usually be found inside abandoned shipwrecks. You will discover a ton of useful stuff, such as Uranium, Blueprint Chips, and Seeds.

If you are looking for a steady source of Uranium, you should visit the Uranium Mines in The Planet Crafter. The first one is located on the northeast side of the Highlands region, and you can find it at these coordinates: 1787:23:1946. The second cave can be found in the Gate Desert at 585:35:-667.

The Planet Crafter Uranium Location

You can build an Ore Extractor T2 on both locations to gather Uranium passively. Here are the materials required to build this useful machine:

  • Osmium x3
  • Super Alloy Rod x1
  • Iridium Rod x2

Besides visiting the caves, you can also obtain Uranium from the meteor shower event. Sometimes, small asteroids will land on the planet and bring various rare minerals that you can harvest. The sky will go dark, and you will experience an earthquake. Luckily, this event shouldn’t damage your buildings, but you will likely only get between four to five chunks of Uranium.

You can use Uranium to craft Uranium Rods and Rocket Engines using Advanced Craft Station. This mineral is also required to make Pulsar Quartz, which is an end-game material. Lastly, you can also build a Shredder Machine, which you can unlock by decoding Blueprint Microchips. 

That’s the end of our guide on how to get and use Uranium. GameLuster has more content about The Planet Craftersuch as how to use Fusion Reactor.

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