A Redditor has compiled an extensive montage of vehicular-related kills in Warzone, and then set the compilation to play in time with each guitar chord on Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car’.

The sequence originates from HatchiMatchi’s Twitch account, which regularly broadcasting the ‘Carzone: Warzone for Cars’ stream. The aim is to see how many vehicular-related kills can be racked up in each broadcast and, by the looks of things from this latest clip, he’s had a bit of practice.

First, take into account the amount of time it would have taken HatchiMatchi to record and achieve the number of kills needed for a song that lasts just shy of five minutes, before having to painstakingly compile and edit every single clip to fit the song.

Take a look at the full clip below from HatchiMatchi's Reddit.

Fast Carzone from Warzone

On top of this, judging by his webcam footage attributed to each in-game kill, it appears HatchiMatchi is achieving upwards of ten kills in each Warzone match with cars. 

As someone who dips into the various Call Of Duty subreddits often, clips such as these are often infrequent yet hugely enjoyable to watch. HatchiMatchi employs a range of vehicles to assemble the montage, from ATVs, Tactical Rovers, SUVs, and Cargo Trucks, and following the launch of Season 2 last week, HatchiMatchi uploaded a new video to his Twitch titled New Season, Same Cars.

As recently reported, the Verdansk map in Warzone will meet its fate at the end of Season 2, making way for a new map more in keeping with the Black Ops Cold War storyline. The new 1980s-style map was originally slated to launch in November 2020, coinciding with the release of Black Ops Cold War