Treyarch Fix Maxis Invisibility Bug in Black Ops Cold WarZombies

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War‘s Zombies mode has been plagued with a new invisibility glitch, a bug recently seen within Warzone. This time around, the invisibility error affected Maxis, a new operator introduced in the Firebase Z map back in February.

A new bundle was added to the Black Ops Cold War in-game store yesterday (March 4), where it was discovered Maxis was the source of a problem in both multiplayer and Zombies. In multiplayer, the Maxis outfit was replaced by Adler, while the operator was entirely invisible to other players in Zombies. Treyarch has since rectified the problem, confirming in a Twitter post earlier today that the issues concerning the Maxis Reactive Bundle had been resolved. 

In their tweet, Treyarch released the details for the latest patch that dropped yesterday. Rapid Fire Moshpit makes its debut in multiplayer while Dead Ops Arcade: First Person is newly available in Zombies, which features more than “60 rounds of undead armies from throughout the history of Zombies, all completely in first-person.”

Plus, as players progress through the game, they’ll be rewarded with select tracks from Dead Ops Arcade 3’s original soundtrack, available in the Music Player. 

Meanwhile, Face Off will be moving over to Quick Play, making room in the Featured Playlist menu. Treyarch has further addressed stability issues in Outbreak, UI adjustments, and a field Frenzied Guard upgrade.  

This Maxis bug echoes a similar issue Warzone players faced last year, after attack helicopters were removed from Warzone in a bid to source a fix for a glitch that left players invisible.

Understandably, the bug gave several players an advantage to carry out unfair kills in matches. To even the odds, players retaliated with extreme vehicular warfare and using thermal scopes on their weapons to pick off the invisible adversaries. 

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