Activision Outline Battle Pass Details For Warzone Season 6

A new battle pass trailer for the sixth season of Modern Warfare & Warzone has been released, with Activision promising “an array of horror themed content across a fresh 100 tiers.”

The latest battle pass system includes new war tracks, weapons, blueprints, and operator skins. Once you’ve unlocked the Battle Pass, players will have instant access to four unlocks, including Modern Warfare’s Farah, the founder, and commander of the Urzikstan Liberation Force. 

From the get-go, players can unlock her ‘Halmasti’ skin, complete an operator mission to earn the ‘Jinn’ and “Unbroken Will” skins, as well as the ‘Fight is Over’ voice quip, and an ‘All Hallows: Farah’ calling card. 

The Minotaur ‘Poloski’ skin is up for grabs too, a reference to Farah’s backstory in the Modern Warfare campaign. In the event of players completing his Operator mission, they can unlock the new skins, a voice quip, and his calling card. Staying on the subject of skins, the battle pass will feature “over two dozen new Operator skins”, including the ‘Level Headed’ Zane Skin and ‘Off Grid’ Domino Skin.  

Then we move onto blueprints. There’s the ‘Gilded Arm’ Epic Assault Rifle, Legendary ‘Malphas’ assault rifle, the ‘Blue Note’ LMG Blueprint at Tier 51, the ‘Rottweiler’ Assault Rifle Blueprint for free at Tier 81, and the ‘Trivor’ SMG Blueprint and Tier 95.

Other tidbits of goodness from the latest Battle Pass include a seasonal XP boost (10%), 1300 Call Of Duty points just from playing the game, thirteen unlockable War Tracks, a finishing move involving bats, Nikolai from Tier 100, the ‘Grizzly End’ Vehicle skin, and a ‘Season Six’ Emblem.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Survival Mode would be heading to all platforms. Infinity Ward’s senior communications manager Ashton Williams confirmed the news via social media that the mode would be available for PC and Xbox players. 

Coinciding with last year’s release rebooted Modern Warfare, survival mode was made a PS4-exclusive until October 1, 2020. announced during Sony’s State Of Play live stream.  Williams directed players toward an information page for Warzone Season 6, where she confirmed that from October 1 “ Xbox and PC players can access Survival Mode.”

Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 6 is live now.

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