Adventure With Miis in Miitopia for Nintendo Switch

What could make a role-playing game adventure even MORE epic? If you got to create your own cast of characters! In Miitopia, announced during today’s Nintendo Direct and coming to the Nintendo Switch, you can cast each role in the story with the Mii character of your choice. From the brave hero to the loyal sidekick to even the scheming villain, you can bring people you know into the adventure. Will it be your friends, family members, favorite celebrities or even fictional crushes? The choice is yours!

Miitopia blends adventuring and traditional RPG combat with social elements based around building relationships between your Miis. Miis who get along well will come to one another’s aid and fight smoothly together, while those who have a bad relationship might just be more focused on fighting each other than fighting the enemy. Bond with your Miis to make them as powerful as possible in order to defeat the Dark Lord! Can you rescue the faces they have kidnapped and are holding prisoner?

The Nintendo Switch version of the game adds more character customization options for your Miis, including makeup and wild-colored gradient hair. In addition, your character can now recruit a horse which you can ride in battle. Like other allies, the horse can be bonded with in order to learn new skills. Who knows – if you get close enough, your trusty horse might help out in combat, or even change its appearance to something mystical and special!

Miitopia is scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch on May 21. It is currently planned to be available in digital format only and can be purchased via the Nintendo Switch eShop. Pre-orders are available beginning today.

Who will you cast in your epic adventure? Which Miis will you create? Let us know!

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