Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update Promises A Spooky Halloween

Nintendo has revealed a few teasing details regarding the long-awaited Fall update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Previously, as GameLuster reported, residents of the adorable life simulator began to see trees on their island turning bright, autumnal colors, as well as dropping new collectible items including pinecones, acorns and maple leaves. In grand Animal Crossing tradition, these items could be crafted into adorable decorative items for your home.

Now, we’ve got even more news to share: on October 31, Animal Crossing players will be able to experience Halloween from the comfort of their very own islands. With COVID-19 regulations preventing real life trick-or-treating in most parts of the world, New Horizons’ offering serves as a welcome alternative.

Beginning September 30, players will be able to plant and harvest pumpkins, which can be made into spooky decoration recipes to fill your house with seasonal flair. Additionally, new items will go on sale, including candy at Nook’s Cranny and an adorable lineup of Halloween costumes such as witch and pirate gear. Plus, new skin and eye colors will be added to help you perfect your spooky blue ghost or bright green zombie look.

Pick out your costume of choice – but don’t neglect the candy, because your villagers will be hungry for it once Halloween arrives! On October 31, villagers will gather in your island’s town square between 5pm and midnight. Hand out the candy you’ve collected to them – or you might just be using the new “Haunt” reaction to respond to their spooky pranks. Plus, you can trade candy to special visitor Jack, the Czar of Halloween, in exchange for some seasonal rewards (Just what they are has not yet been revealed or even hinted at – looks like we’ll just have to wait until Halloween.)

Finally, one last less-than-spooky item is being added to the game as part of the September 30 update: a virtual version of the Ring controller from fitness video game Ring Fit Adventure. I just wish working out in New Horizons burned calories in real life!

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