Aonuma shares how The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess connected with his wife and son

Personal experiences often make a game more special, we remember them for what they did for us and they go down in history as something truly great. In the case of the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Eiji Aonuma revealed that Twilight Princess has a special place with him because of his family, this was revealed during a recent interview with Nintendo Life. Aonuma was asked what made the game so important to the franchise as well as resonating with players, to answer he refereed to his wife and son and told the story of them and the game, he had this to say:

This is a very difficult question. There’s lots of different things that make Twilight Princess an important title, and I don’t have a single conclusive answer for you. However, there was one thing rather personal to me that stands out. Until the original version was released, my wife had never shown any interest in playing any of the games I’d made. But all of a sudden, without any encouragement from me at all, she played through the whole of Twilight Princess together with our son, who was just three at the time.

I asked her why she decided to play and she replied that she thought the game would be too difficult for our son to play by himself, so at first she wanted to help him by playing through the first part of the game for him. Before she realized it though, she found that she wanted to play through to the end herself. I think that maybe the setting of the game somehow appeals to the kind of people who wouldn’t normally be interested in this type of game.

Even my son, who at the time was too scared of the Imp Poes to play the game has recently played through the Wii version. I didn’t have to encourage him to either, he said that he just thought that maybe now he’d be able to play though to the end. I think that maybe this game has something to it that means you can play it even now without the game feeling too dated. And I think that is even more true with this HD version where you can experience the setting much more vividly. I hope that both people who played the original and those who didn’t will be able to really enjoy delving into the game’s world in this new version. (I’m quite sad that I wasn’t able to tell my son that if he waited a little bit longer then he’d be able to play an HD version, haha).

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